The Greatest Team in The World

We helped Paddy Power create the greatest team in history. Pele, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Muller, Hurst, Best and Maradona would all play at Paddy Power Park.

And who would captain them? Why, Paddy Power of course! And who would make it happen? Heavyweight Sport, of course…!

Paddy Power wanted their world-beaters to take to the pitch, but first we had to track down a club that would be willing to:

A) Change all their players’ names

B) Change their manager’s name

C) Register the players with the Football Conference

D) Do it all in a fortnight in time for the start of the season

Yes, we knew we had madcap ideas. Yes, we knew we had great contacts in sport. And yes, it all felt a little like ‘Challenge Anneka’. But we took up the challenge. And we won!

Heavyweight - The Greatest Team in The World

Heavyweight - The Greatest Team in The World

As you would expect when Beckham, Messi, Lineker and Pele come to town, so do the press!

Heavyweight - The Greatest Team in The World

Farnborough's FC's new-look squad

GK: Gordon Banks (Kevin Scriven)
DF: Lothar Matthaus (Joshua Huggins)
DF: Roberto Carlos (Oliver Treacher)
DF: Paolo Maldini (Adam Doyle)
DF: Alan Hansen (Alan Inns)
DF: Cafu (Paul Massaquoi)
DF: John Terry (Djibril Fofana)
DF: Franz Beckenbauer (Thomas McGarry)
MF: George Best (Reece Jones)
MF: Paul Gascoigne (Stephen Laidler)
MF: Zinedine Zidane (Merrick James-Lewis)
MF: Johann Cruyff (Tyrone Berry)
FW: Lionel Messi (Daniel Bennett)
FW: Gary Lineker (Reece Connolly)
FW: Diego Maradona (David Tarpey)
FW: Pele (Elvis Hammond)
Manager: Jose Mourinho (Spencer Day)
Assistant: Paddy Power (James Dynan)
Coach: Sir Alex Ferguson (Simon Gardener)
Kit man: Terry Venables (Roger Peirce)

Heavyweight - The Greatest Team in The World
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