The Perfect Penalty

To help England overcome their penalty hoodoo at international tournaments we commissioned scientific mathematical genius Dr Ken Bray from Bath University to create for Sky Bet the equation for the Perfect Penalty.

Our maths guru did just that and devised the formula that if implemented would ensure England would never lose in a penalty shootout again…

Heavyweight - The Perfect Penalty

Media Partnerships

Working exclusively with The Sun, a key audience provider for the brand, Sky Bet were able to offer hope to football fans and customers that the curse of the Three Lions could finally be broken.

Heavyweight - The Perfect Penalty

Cometh the Hour

As well as the science and the brand awareness Sky Bet's key England betting markets for Euro 2016 were placed prominently in paper and online just before the tournament kicked off, giving the brand a clear voice above the noise of its competitors.

In the end England never even got far enough to test Sky Bet's theory - losing to the might of Iceland in normal time!

Heavyweight - The Perfect Penalty
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