Coral & Jeff Stelling

Coral came to us with an issue. Research illustrated that their target market identified there was little instantly recognisable about Coral, and the brand was punching under its weight for football betting. We had to sort it.

Soccer Saturday presenter Jeff Stelling was a guy that resonated with our target audience and also fitted Coral’s brand aspirations: intelligent, humorous and credible. Coral and Jeff would prove to be a fantastic partnership.

Heavyweight - Coral & Jeff Stelling

Stelling signs

We signed Jeff up for our client and immediately set to work leveraging him to a wider audience of football fans and potential Coral customers.

Heavyweight - Coral & Jeff Stelling

Stelling on Saturday

We needed a platform to amplify Jeff's views. We worked with The Sun's editorial and commercial departments to create 'Stelling on Saturday' in SuperGoals.

Saturday's full page Stelling editorial would provide us with a springboard to further Coral's appeal to an army football fans.

Stelling's Sizzler (his bet of the day) proved an absolute gimme as football fans throughout the country logged on and bet with Coral after reading Jeff's tips.

Heavyweight - Coral & Jeff Stelling

Jeffs Bets

Jeff's predictions would naturally appear online and at

The partnership with The Sun lasted over 5 years and steered more of their readers to bet with Coral.

Nominated for several industry awards, Coral saw the sponsorship drive customers. In the first year alone over 750,000 Sun readers made a bet with Coral.

Heavyweight - Coral & Jeff Stelling

He's Here, He's There! Stelling's Everywhere!

Jeff lived throughout the Coral business. The weekly Stelling Cast could be downloaded from, Jeff would host customer and staff days whilst Jeff's Bets could be placed in store, online and via mobiles.

Heavyweight - Coral & Jeff Stelling
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