About us

An unfair advantage

We are an award-winning sports marketing agency that defies typical sports marketing convention.

We rip up the rule book to redefine sports and sports media marketing opportunities. We source, negotiate, manage and leverage into digital, traditional and social media sports and sponsorship deals.

Mad about sport and passionate about the culture of sport, our campaigns will always resonate with and entertain the fans.


Heavyweight - About us

Great ideas that get noticed

By understanding and helping to develop a client's brand DNA, we are able to create ideas and opportunities that reflect brand values and engage with target audiences via the on-screen, digital and social media worlds.

Our campaigns resonate, entertain, create debate and challenge convention.

Heavyweight - About us

Market insight and know how

We are constantly immersed in the sport and sports media worlds. We permanently have our ear to the ground.

Our sports network and our wealth of contacts provides the invaluable intelligence that helps give our clients a competitive advantage.

We know what makes our target audiences tick.

We are never constrained by what 'they' say is available. We invent new opportunities that work and deliver...

Heavyweight - About us

Eyes on the prize

We are dedicated to delivering for our clients. Our award-winning campaigns have seen dramatic sales increases whilst grabbing the world's media attention.

We constantly deliver ideas and partnerships that places the client in the heart of sport.

We know that the combination of a knock-out idea, tightly targeted with the right partners, will ensure clear-cut ROI and brand fame.

Our case studies speak for themselves and have helped Heavyweight Sport punch above its weight. Our portfolio also illustrates what makes us tick and why our big-name clients come back for more...

Heavyweight - About us
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